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Since 1998, I have been photographing, writing and publishing about energy, coal mining, generation and environmental topics. As a master’s student in photography in Illinois, I developed and internationally exhibited photo-text documentaries treating U.S., Czech, Polish, and Scottish coal mining, as well as the culture of African American coal miners.

In 2005, I launched a career in journalism serving as a contributor and editor to a variety of trade and industry publications including Coal Age Magazine, EnergyBiz, the Coal Transporter, Mining Magazine, Power Magazine and others while working directly with various mining companies, energy producers, trade groups and suppliers. This allowed me access into hundreds of mines, power plants, transportation and servicing facilities as well as dozens of corporate boardrooms, jets and helicopters, executive trade meetings and exclusive planning sessions. The totality of my first-hand experiences as well as witnessing the destructive rise of fracking in my then home state of Colorado completely altered my understanding of the benefits and risks of fossil fuels.

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